About The Event

We invite you, the innovators, tinkerers, and creatives, to build during quarantine and help our campus for next semester and beyond! We invite you to solve some of Cornell's biggest challenges including social distancing, virtual learning, and mental health.

Join us (virtually) for four days of building, workshops, and a chance to win a semester of career mentorship and $500 in cash prizes. The event is free to attend, and everyone, regardless of major or experience, is welcome!


Wednesday to Saturday
August 26 to 29, 2020

In Collaboration With

Instructors and Mentors

Tentative Schedule

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  • Day 1

    Wednesday, August 26

  • Day 2

    Thursday, August 27

  • Day 3

    Friday, August 28

  • Day 4

    Saturday, August 29

Frequently Asked Questions

How is HackOurCampus different than a traditional hackathon?

Firstly, HackOurCampus is a virtual hackathon. Secondly, while traditional hackathons have a heavy focus on participants producing ‘technically challenging’ working products, our philosophy is more geared towards producing technology for social impact.

What are the prizes?

For our four winning teams, we will offer a semester of career mentorship from industry professionals and project teams on campus to help you bring your hackathon project (or other side project) to life. Additionally, you will win a share of the $500 prize.

What are the categories for the prizes?

We have four categories: healthcare and social distancing, virtual learning, mental health, and people’s choice.

How many people can there be in a team?

We want to have everyone involved in the building of a product. Because of that, we have a rule of 1 - 4 people per team.

I’m not a programmer, will this event be suitable for me?

OMG YES. Hackathons are not only for engineers. There are so many skills needed to build a product and diversity leads to success! Plus, it’s super fun for everyone.

I’m a freshman, doesn’t this event conflict with orientation?

Nope! This year’s orientation is “asynchronous”, meaning pre-recorded videos that you can watch in your own time. HackOurCampus is flexible too, and you can work with your team in the times that work best for you.

I’m an incoming freshman and have yet to attend a semester at Cornell. Can I still participate?

Yes and we really hope you do! We believe that this event would be a great opportunity for you to meet your peers in the incoming class, as well as currently enrolled students. New friends, yay!